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An interior to match your world.

The facts.

• OEM Bentley full grain Nappa Leather

• Wood veneer on walnut

• Mobile device charging stations

• Theater surround-sound experience

• Full control multi-lighting modes

• 21" LCD media screen

outstanding performance.

• Rolls Royce 6.75 Liter Turbocharged V8 Engine

• MAX Power 400bhp (405PS) MAX Torque 619lb ft. (835Nm)

• HRE P93l 20” Brushed Copper Nine Spoke Wheels

• Power Assisted Boost-braking system w/ Four-channel Electric Anti-Lock

• Double Wishbone Independent Front & Rear Suspension

• Computer Controlled Adaptive Electro-hydraulic  Damping System - Response time 1/100 sec

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