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William knew he was a "Dragon" at the age of six when his teacher hosted a Chinese Cultural Event showcasing the Year of the Dragon. He was amused years later to realize that all his classmates were 'little dragons' - and attributes the Red Dragon on his motorcycle helmet with 'watching over him' during a potentially disastrous accident.


Founder of SpinTek, Inc., a multi-million dollar worldwide custom equipment company, his fascination with the Chinese calendar continued to influence his business and personal life. This led to a deeper understanding of Feng Shui philosophy, Asian numerology, symbology and astrology.


His passion for luxury goods and custom automobiles became the launch of Dragon Berline. The initial series of twelve custom coach cars, born in the Year of the Millennium Golden Dragon, is based on the 2000 Bentley Arnage.


Dragon Berline quickly became an elegant bonding of rarity, power, and uniqueness with luxury transportation for the discerning client. This limited edition is available only through Peerless Motorcars.

"For those of you that had reached a certain level
of success and want to go beyond that..."


The Dragon symbolizes authority and good fortune. People born in the year of the Dragon are powerful, successful, innovative, courageous and enterprising.
Birth Dragon
1st Place winner of "Concours de 'Elegance" award at the Rolls Royce Owners Club 2016. Winner of "Most Commercial- Innovative Brand" at the 9th Annual China Luxury Summit in 2014.
Our vision started with selecting the ultimate vehicle that represents our core values. The Bentley Arnage was built on the Asian year 2000. We call it the year of the Millennium Golden Dragon which only comes every 1000 years.
The Dragon Berline is the first of only twelve to be available in the world. 
The Future
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